iPhone Repairs & iPod Repairs

We repair the following types of iPods and iPhones: which are faulty or damaged, and out of warranty, or are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

iPods & iPhones repaired

 Data Recovery

We can recover data from damaged iPods and Hard drives.
We can restore the music to your PC or Mac from your iPod.
We offer a range of alternative software to manage the content of your iPod and iPhone.
We also offer a range of software to protect and repair your Windows and Mac computers.

Data recovery is possible if the hard disk is functioning even though the iPod is not working. To retrieve the music and data is time consuming and needs to be put into a format that can be restored back on to either a working iPod or iTunes.

If you lost your music from iTunes but it is still on your iPod there is a software solution called called TuneAid which will copy your library back onto your hard disk, be it PC or Mac.

Lost data/music may be recovered with a different type of software or process. It all depends on how much you are prepared to spend. Email us at enquiries@iPodRecovery.com.au with your problem, and we will advise you how best to proceed.