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Please give us a detailed description of the fault with your iPhone or iPod and also list any problems it had in the past leading up to the main issue you have.
Your serial number is engraved on the back of your iPhone/iPod at the bottom.
State if you need specific data from your unit - eg music, email contacts etc.
Please list anything particular you wish to be done.
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We cannot be responsible for any loss of data on your iPod so please make sure you have all your songs stored in iTunes and any data is backed up. We will warranty parts and Labour for 6 months, and replace parts free of charge provided the fault relates to the original part and there has been no accidental damage or mistreatment by the user e.g. iPod has been dropped, or has water damage.


 Your iPhone / iPod must be safely packaged

We recommend using a padded bag or small cardboard box. If possible wrap the iPod in bubble-wrap to ensure it doesn’t sustain further damage. Australia post offers boxes and padded bags and bubble wrap. We cannot guarantee Australia Post, so please register and insure your iPod/iPhone.

If possible include the return postage. If you live in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, you can call us on 0419 325 118 to arrange a drop off. Please provide the instructions on the Request for Repair form.

Please post your unit to: iPodRecovery.com.au, PO Box 292 Doncaster Victoria 3108